Welcome to the page of the Southwest Wisconsin Trip Travel Brochure Project.


Introduction:Q: How many of you have either planned a trip or helped your parents plan a trip?Q: What did you do first? second? etc.Q: What types of information did you research? Where did you find this research?Q: What makes a brochure inviting? What draws your eyes to the brochure? What would cause you to put the brochure away and look at another one?

The Wisconsin State Capitol
Capitol Building Website
The Wisconsin Historical Society
The Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Cave of the Mounds
Pendarvis Cornish Mining Community
Mineral Point
Rollo Jamison Museum and Bevan's Mine
Aldo Leopold Nature Center
Wikipedia Milton House

Examples of Travel Brochures:
Sample Travel Brochures: Travel_brochure_example_1.gif




What to do?
1. Choose a partner.
2. Select a paper, with a SW location on it, from the basket.
3. Brainstorm ideas, with your partner, for your travel brochure: sights, facts, pictures, maps, etc.
4. Design a mock-up for your brochure. Everything must be in place and labeled. See examples.
5. Get it approved from a teacher.
6. Gather the materials necessary for completing your final copy.
7. Layout your materials on the final copy before securing them with glue.
8. Get a teacher's approval.
9. Make it happen!
10. Your teacher will take a picture of your project and get a QR code for it. When someone takes a pic of the QR code, it will take them directly to your project.
11. A student will create a map of WI and we will place the QR codes on the locations being described in your travel brochures.
12. Parents, students, teachers can snap a picture of the QR code and visit the places we visited on our SW trip through the eyes of a 4th grade student at USM. :)