LA Super Review Focusing Questions - (8.23.11) Members: Please add your ideas to this list.....

1. What does your department do well?
  • mutual respect
  • hands-on activities
  • unit culminating activities
  • field trips
  • using resources (web, library, people)
  • K-12 communication is great

2. Where does your department falter?
  • inconsistent instruction and curricular materials (grades 1-2)
  • economics strand
  • scope and sequence is missing
  • technology integration (grade 1)
  • too much time spent on teaching Native Americans (grade 2) - reduce the time spent on this unit and replace with ???

3. What are the major un-addressed needs specific to your department?
  • scope and sequence
  • alignment of our curriculum to national standards
  • consistency in instruction and with consistent materials/resources

4. What major outcomes would you like to see as a reslut of your Super Review?
  • scope and sequence